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Bruce Dudley: Guestbook

Sandra Dudley

January 19, 2014

Hi Bruce-Just wanted to say hello and love your music!

Tommy Rhoads

April 27, 2013

Thanks for coming to Jackson tonight. We really enjoyed your set.

michael jarman

June 29, 2012

incredible! great piano,found you by tracking a fantastic thing i heard on npr.keep me posted

Kevin Goss

August 26, 2011

Bruce, I have always loved your playing and writing. It's a joy to hear you again after all these years. We must play if I'm ever in Nashville. I got to play with Andy a while back and it was fantastic :-)

Pamela Smith

March 3, 2011

You are truly a musician's musician!! Your talent is enormous and I look forward to hearing you again!

Reagan Mitchell

January 30, 2010

Beautiful music! Much love to you in the new year. Peace


January 9, 2010


Kevin Reardon

November 7, 2009

hey man great stuff the phrasing that you do on semblance - just about 3 quaters of the way through piece was so deft and melodic - it sounded great a really fresh idea -didn't expect it at all. very beatiful and moving. so good to hear you playing. I hope hear more in the future. best of everything


October 12, 2009

Nice site! Hi from a former student ages ago in Buffalo :)

Randy Buckner

February 11, 2009

Hi Bruce. Just wanted to say hi, and let you know I'm still practicing the concepts you taught me at MTSU. The one-on-one class we had is still the highpoint of my time at MTSU.
Hope all is going well for you. Randy

Tom Pethic

January 18, 2009

Penfield High School certainly gave birth to a lot of talented musicians. I'm sorry we never knew each other at PHS. I was able to hear Barry Keiner perform many times with sax great Joe Romano. Nice site Bruce and have great 2009!

Robert W Brown

January 6, 2009

Hi Bruce, Nice website. I look forward to catching a performance soon!

Woody Witt

October 30, 2008

Great to see your website. Bruce is a fantastic pianist with a beautiful touch. I still have the recording we did with Jeff Hirshfield and Bill Miller by the way.

Dave Crookshank

October 17, 2008

Bruce: Glad to get to know you again! I am enjoying listening to your music. Blessings my friend.

Abby Burke

July 29, 2008

Hello My Friend! So Glad to be able to listen to your stuff...thank you! Hope to be able to work together again soon...


Mark Tyson

July 4, 2008

Bruce, What a joy it is to know you and experience your delightful approach to life in ,with and thru music. for once in my life Jazz has become a true friend of mine, not just someone, or something to be admired from a distance.
Gratefully Enthusiastic,
Mark Tyson

Bruce Pulver

May 31, 2008

Hello Bruce: If you remember, I had you Jim White, Jim Ferguson and Rebecca Sayre to Atlanta for the Private BD party a few years ago. Hope you are well. My travels are bringing me to Nashville more often now and I look forward to catching a Bruce Dudley performance soon.

Marcus Perry

May 31, 2008

Just stopping by and leaving a message on the wall.
P.S. I'm working on Groovin' High and Lullaby of a I am practicing.