Dudley plays the piano with such grace and authority that he has quietly become the pianists that other pianists go to hear.” - HOUSTON POST
Pianist Dudley knows his way around the classics, tastefully interpreting Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk and other giants, but doing so without a paint-by-numbers mentality. ” - THE TENNESSEAN
As the leader, Dudley set the evening’s tone with a supple, rich blend of assertive melodic statements, delightful accompaniment, first-rate phrasing, counterpoint and harmonizing. ” - Ron Wynn - ArtsNash
Dudley’s well-schooled piano style is guided by dominant but subtle right-hand figures that galvanize one of the most cohesive trios in town.” - Nashville Scene
He can range from a strong two-handed approach to a sensitive lyricism, and seems to share a characteristic with the late great Bill Evans: both hands always seem to be in perfect balance, which gives every note a harmonic richness making repeated listening a pleasure. ” - TENNESSEE JAZZ AND BLUES NEWS